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The offer for foreign partners buying potatoes in bulk

Dear Sir/Madam,
«AGROHUB» Ltd. offers favourable terms of collaboration for the realization of potato varieties from Ukraine:
- ЛАНОРМА (LANORMA) Middle, high-grade table. Forms oval tubers with light yellow skin, Cream pulp and surface eyes. It has excellent taste. Ideal for fresh market where appearance is critical. Suitable for boiling, stewing, mashed potatoes, frying. Well preserved. Marketability storage - high. Variety is very resistant to nematodes, cancer potato scab, viral disease, and drought and high temperatures.
- РЕД ЛЕДІ (RED LADY) Middle, high-yielding, redskin table variety of high taste. Generates elongated-oval tubers with yellow flesh and very shallow eyes. Suitable for boiling, stewing, mashed potatoes, frying. Low tendency to change color as raw potatoes, and so after cooking. The variety is highly resistant to drought and secondary growth, the appearance of dark spots and scab rust. Well preserved.
- КОННЕКТ (CONNECT) Medium, high-yielding variety with high table solids content and excellent culinary qualities. It forms a rounded-oval tubers with yellow skin and pulp and very shallow eyes. Suitable for boiling, stewing, mashed potatoes, frying. Variety is very resistant to cancer, scab and viruses A, Yn, X, Leaf roll. Well preserved.
- ТАЇСІЯ (TAISIYA) Medium grade with high potential for crop most growingconditions. Attractive tubers with light yellow pulp and skin, oval very shalloweyes. Suitable for frying, braising sauce. Very low susceptibility to discoloration as cooking and after. The variety is characterized by high resistance to water shortage, high temperatures and secondary growth. Very resistant black legs, nematodes, scab and internal defects. Well preserved.
- ЛАБЕЛЛА (LABELLA) Medium, high-yielding table sort with distinctive taste. Forms Great aligned, elongated-oval tubers with a strong color of the skin. Suitable for boiling, stewing, mashed potatoes, frying. Keeping quality is very good. Marketability storage - Has high resistance to cancer potato rot nematode and tubers. Weakly sensitive to drought.
- ГРАНАДА (GRANADA) Middle, high-yielding, table variety. Forms are particularly attractive elongated tubers with very smooth skin and bright color. Suitable for frying, braising and salads. Demonstrates a high resistance to scab silver, black legs and Y-virus. Also has a very high resistance secondary growth and crack growth. Shelf average
. - ТОСКАНА (TOSCANA) Extremely high-yielding, strong and healthy, middle-grade table. Generates attractive round-oval aligned by size, with the eye surface and yellow skin with rich yellow flesh. It has excellent culinary qualities. Resistant to nematodes Ro1, 4 and tolerant to scab ordinary, dark spots, black legs, rot tubers and virus Yntn. Well preserved.
Respectfully yours, Vereshagin Sergey, President & CEO


заказчикам АГРОХАБ, ООО Украина, ALL.BIZ: Украина